Gettysburg National Military Park, Pennsylvania

Harpers Ferry
Soldier and Sailor of the Confederacy Monument

Sculpted by Donald DeLue 1897-1988 DeLue also sculpted the Mississippi and Louisiana monuments at Gettysburg.
Gettysburg facts
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Number of men engaged
Union 85-88,000
Confederate 70-75,000

Union Killed 3,155 Wounded 14,530 Missing/Captured 5,368
Total 23,047
Confederate Killed 4,730 Wounded 18,730 Missing/Captured 5,425
Total 28,863

There are over 1,300 monuments and markers at Gettysburg.

The Gettysburg National Military Park covers about 5,990 acres.
By Stephen Sears

Gettysburg A testing of Courage
By Noah Andre Trudeau
High tide at Gettysburg
By Glenn Tucker

Retreat from Gettysburg
By Kent Masterson Brown

A Journey in Time
By William A. Frassanito

Plenty of Blame to go Around
By Eric J. Wittenberg
  1. David Petruzzi

A Strange and Blighted Land
By Gregory A. Coco

The Killer Angels
By Michael Shaara
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The world will little note nor long remember what we say here, But it can never forget what thay did here....Abraham Lincoln
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Gettysburg National Military Park
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Album 6. East Cemetery Hill, National Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery
Album 7. Spangler's Spring, Culp's Hill, Steven's Knoll
Album 8. Cemetery Ridge, Ziegler's Grove, Hancock Ave. Taneytown Rd.
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