Antietam National Battlefield Sharpsburg, Maryland

Harpers Ferry
The Dunker Church

Built in 1851 by the local German Baptist Brethren. The meeting house survived the battle, fell into disrepair and was destroyed by a storm in 1921 The National Park Service rebuilt the Church in the 1960s using many of the original bricks.
Antietam facts
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Number of men engaged
Union 75-85,000
Confederate 45-51,000

Casualties Union
Killed 2,100
Wounded 9,550
Missing/Captured 750
Total 12,400

Casualties Confederate
Killed 1,550
Wounded 7,750
Missing/Captured 1,020
Total 10,320

Eight Generals were killed or mortally wounded during the Maryland campaign.

Maj. Gen Joseph K. Mansfield
Brig. Gen. Isaac P. Rodman
Maj. Gen. Israel B. Richardson
Maj. Gen. Jesse L. Reno

Brig. Gen. William B. Starke
Gen. Lawrence O'B Branch
Brig. Gen. George B. Anderson
Brig. Gen. Samuel Garland

*Gen's Garland and Reno were mortally wounded at the battle of South Mountain.

Two future Presidents participated in the Maryland campaign as members of the 23rd. Ohio Infantry.
Rutherford B. Hayes and William McKinley.

There are ninety six monuments and over two hundred interruptive iron tablets associated with the Maryland campaign and Antietam.
Landscape Turned Red
By Stephen W. Sears

The Gleam of Bayonets
By James V. Murfin
The Maps of Antietam: An Atlas of the Antietam Campaign, including the Battle of South Mountain
September 2 - 20, 1862
By Bradley Gottfried

The Maryland Campaign of September 1862: Ezra A. Carmanís Definitive Study of the Union and Confederate Armies at Antietam
Edited by Joseph Pierro

Crossroads of Freedom: Antietam
By James M. McPherson
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Antietam National Battlefield
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